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Evaluate the following integra...

Evaluate the following integral:int_0^pixlogsinx\ dx



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Updated On: 13-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59accident question is integration 0258 log sin x dx this integration of Definite Integration integration 02844 egg ok X is equals to integration zero to a minus ok integration is pain I am going to consider this as a Pop it ok if AC is equals to egg time if you can see upper limit is 52
01:00 - 01:59is equal to pi ok 5 - 6 I am going to consider this limit sorry integration a 45 - X equals to minus x minus 3 Y - X is equals to time egg and you will be egg and I am going to address both what will get a perfect by minus x is equals to from both I am going to take this log sin x comma ok long time
02:00 - 02:59and here you can say this is it will get cancel out and what will get by log time I am going to consider and is equals to Aditya then this will also become I know it I am going to add this boat official address both Eye Plus I will be come to I is equals to message integration 0 to a and it will become a fan of 1 -
03:00 - 03:59Hero tour will be taken common and DX DX will also become common and F of X + 1 of a magnetic field B and as in this integration value of a is equals to 5 this will be a perfect plus a 45 - this is a perfect and you can see a perfect plus a 45 - 6 bhai log x to y equals to integrate 9025 ok bye log 98 ok now speak with no one property integration 022 Hip Hop 1 is equals to ok to time integration 024
04:00 - 04:59BA ok and when this is true when a 42 A minus x is equals to a Pop egg ok now she I am going to find a phone to mi Note 6 in this question upper limit ok now in this in this Express Limited pipe to pipe I am going to find a Pop to a minus 2 and 2A is 5 - 1 we are doing this calculation this integration to this will be a perfect I will come out OK I will come out this will be a perfect gift for 5 -6 clock time
05:00 - 05:595 mahine se and you can see 95 - 60 sin x sin it you can see if to a minus 6 is log Ek and also a perfect love sin x log x square minus x is locked and effect is not signed it it means that here both are equal to win both theoretical equal then we apply this integration this property and integration 0 to pi a pig is equals to 2 X will write two time integration zero to a and here you can see is equals to it means that a is equal to pi by 2 will write pi by 2 ok and this will come out by will come
06:00 - 06:59because this is constant this will come to pi ok log 98022 I will get cancel out and we know one result 2029 X is equals to minus 5 by 2 log this is one diesel which we find in every book ok to this value will be minus 5 by 2 I will be equals to pi time minus 5 by 2 log to and
07:00 - 07:59asali come minus A square by 2 log 2 answer thank you students

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