Evaluate the determinants 2451


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hello everyone the question is valued at the determinants so in this question we have to evaluate the determinants first of all let's write the given expression which is which is determinant of determinant of elements to then - 5 then 4 then -1 so over here we can see that this is the 2 into 2 is the determinant of 2 into 2 where two elements in row and two elements in Columbus oh to solve it was simply to the cross multiplication so it will be to into minus 12 into minus 1 then -4.2 - 5 it will be for into minus 5 now let simply solve it so this will be to into minus 1 is -2
Vinod 2 and minus and places - and over minus sign remains the same and 4 into minus 5 minus 20 now now this will be over here -2 remains the same and here also the minus sign in now we can see that the minus minus will plus so this will become just now 20 remains as it is now we know plus 20 and minus 2 is 1818 over here now we can see that this is the simplification of our given expression so hence the answer of this question that is the value of this document is 18 thank you

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