Evaluate sin2A,cos2A and tan2A if:
i) sinA=513, ii) cosA=817, iii) tanA=43


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hello friends here the question is evaluate sin 2A cos 2A and tend to a sin is equal to 5 by 13 support this pqrs is a right angle triangle it is saying that sin is equal to 5 by 13 that means that support this is a Sonali assign isliye 1513 definition of perpendicular by hypotenuse perpendicular will get you a very happy that this 5 and the hypotenuse is 13 when we calculate the arc you forget your party December get here 13 square minus 25 3769 -25 that is equals to get your 142 under that is equal to get your 1212 no you first it is given that Sin A is equals to 513 13 now your coarse aggregate here cause area base by hypotenuse base is
here are a few places you are Kyon so here we ride to hell by Harper tennis is your 13 sunao yah sin2a we get here send to a request to 2 cos Sin A cos Sin A cos really get to into sin Asia 5830 into cos area 12135 21 2013 16 this is the sin 2a 120 my 169 now we have to calculate cost to cost every year cos square A minus sin square B sahiya ticket cos square Cos A 12 13
square minus sin sin 30 Syed get 144 - 25 / 13 that is easier 169 so here we get 14 - 512 Syed Gate 93 - 2 that is 1 get 1 / 169 Cause 2 is equal to 119 169 now we have to calculate 10 to a friend to is equals to sin2a / cos to sin 2A is here
12169 year cos2a 1969 169 16912 cancel and get 120 by 119 so here we get into a is equal to 120 / 16119 now a second one is a cost is given 8 by 17 suppose this is a right angle triangle pqr s Nokia right angle triangle and it is given that cause is here support this is here is a cause is here 87 that engineer days by hypotenuse is given that is it and the hypotenuse is hereby given that is your 17 years and we calculate the side 17 square minus A square that is sure to 89 - 6415 That is your 225
under root of 225 1515 hair we have to find first first we write cos and sin is too heavy light like this Sin A is equals to get here perpendicular by hypertonicity perpendicular 01510 is here 17 so here we write 15 by 70 and they cost is get here here it is already that it was 17 take y17 now I have to calculate sign today Saiya Bigad sin 2A = 2 Sin A cos A that is equal to 2 Sin area 15-17 into cos area 8-17 Sathiya 2015 3030 13282
40728 989 now here we get the sin2a is equal to 240 / 289 now we have to calculate cost used to it cost to is equals to cos square A minus sin square that is equal to cos is here at by 70 square - 15 - sin is a 15 square by 17/64 -22 5/17 1289 289 get 1 61 - 161
and 11 / 289 from where we get cos 2 is equals to -16 1289 now we have to calculate end time to return to a sequel to sin 2A / cos to sin 2A year 241 289 / cost you here - 16182 here we get -2 40 / 161 this will cancel of 289 to not get into 8 equal to minus 240 by 161 now a third one is a given time is given 4 by 3 that means here School this
is a right angle triangle see you are pqr is given that support this is a so here it is given at 10:00 is equals to 4 by 3 that means perpendicular by this perpendicular is given four and a base is your 3 so here we calculate the sequence where we get this 460 + 3309 under root that is equal to 25 and that is equal to get a five-year PQ is equal to 5 where we get find sin is equal to sin is equal to get here perpendicular dihatu 10 is a perpendicular is therefore hypotenuse is a 52 here we get 4 by 5 NDA coursavy get here this by hypotenuse AC hypotenuse is your 5 Sofia get 3 by 5 now we have to calculate time to a
sin2a equals to 2 Sin A cos A into sin is a 4 by 5 and causes a 3 by 5 so here we get to 4883 24 / 25 this is where we get assigned to a now you have to calculate cos 2A 2A equals to cos square A minus sin square A Surya ko sejiya 3 by 5 3 5 square minus sin square B square minus 16 / 25 2016 - 97 - 700020 58 Cause 2 is equals to -7
by 25 now we have to calculate 10 to 12 age equals to sin 2A / cos 2a Sion to Asia 24 by 25 and hair cost to Asia minus 7 by 25 square 24 by - 7 - - 24/7 Sony ten 2 is equals to minus 24 7 this is our answer thank you

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