Class 11






Limits And Derivatives


Evaluate ("lim")_(xvec(5pi)/4)...

Evaluate `("lim")_(xvec(5pi)/4)` `[sinx+cosx],` where [.] denotes the greatest integer function.


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evaluate limit extending to buy 5584 a box of sin x + cos x square box in the greatest integer function sabse pahle My Greatest integer function ke bare mein karta hun to greatest integer function matlab box of X yah kya hota hai this is integer just listen x x Chhota Jo Intezar Hua box office box of x ki value 7.5 hai to ise Chhota kaun sa Intezar hai to ise Chhota 792 box of X boxer 7.5 kya Degi Mujhe 7 Dekhi 7.5 se just Chhota Jyoti mere pass -8.5 hai to iska box office Kya Hoga is just Chhota integer joki kya hai -9 nikalna hai mujhe extending to pipe bi

pi by 4 box of sin x + ka sex chicken sabse pahle mein sin x + cos x value nikalta hun to sin x + cos x this can be written as this is equal to Mysore route Le Lo Bahar Mein route to Bahar le lo na Aur Mein donon Tumko to se divide kar Dun to 1 by root 2 sin x + 1 by root 2 cos x this is equal to root 2 into kya isko main cal sakta hun Cos pi by 4 into sin x + sin pi by 4 into cos x this is equal to root 2 into yah kya ho jaega yah Kyunki Sin A + sin b ka extension wala format theek hai to message likh sakta hun Saina X +

5 by 4 ab main limit extending to 5554 of root 2 into China x + 5 by 4 nikaalo Tujhe Kya Hai Ki this is equal to root 2 into sin pi by 4 + 5 by 4 is equal to root 2 into sin off Kitna Jayega 65 4654 mein kya likh sakta hun 3 pi by Tu ab sin 3 pi by 2 Kya Hota Hai - 1 this is equal to minus root 2 ok matlab is function ka limit extending to pi by 4 kitna hai minus root 2 to box of X box of

sin x + cos x limit extending to pi pi by 4 this is equal to this is equal to minus root 2 ka box which is equal to root 2 ki kya hoti hai 2 - 1.414 theek hai ab isase Chhota kaun se Intezar hai to this is -2 so my answer is -2