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Evaluate: lim_(xto(5pi)/(4)) [...

Evaluate: `lim_(xto(5pi)/(4)) [sinx+cosx]`, [.] denotes the greatest integer function.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : We have, <br> `L=underset(xto(5pi)/(4))lim[sinx+cosx]=underset(xto(5pi)/(4))lim[sqrt(2)sin(x+pi/4)]` <br> Now, `underset(xto(5pi)/(4)).[sqrt(2)sin(x+(pi)/(4))]=[sqrt(2)sin((3pi^(+))/(2))]=[-sqrt(2)]=-2` <br> And `underset(xto(5pi^(+))/(4))lim[sqrt(2)sin(x+(pi)/(4))]=[sqrt(2)sin((3pi^(-))/2)=[-sqrt(2)]=-2` <br> So, `L=-2`


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hello student question is evaluate limit X tends to pi by 4 sin x + cos square bracket square bracket denotes the greatest integer function square bracket greatest integer function and we have to find this limit please solve this problem I am going to write 55.4 ok as 5 + 5 by 4 + 5 by 4 ok and we have to put the value of x inside this limit at both the place of a time in Costa Rica time 5 + 5 by 4 x + 5 by 4 and X + theta is if this is theta we know that X + 3 x minus sin theta and Cos pi by 4 and we know that sin pi by 4 is root 2 and with minor signs asali come minus 1 upon root 2 now I am going to find cost

i + 4 Cos A + B 4 will be minus Cos pi by 4 because also caused by + theta is minus cos theta Cos pi by 4 is 1 upon 2 to the power minus 1 upon good to know I am going to put both the values inside this greatest integer function so this really get into ok sir minus 1 upon root 2 and this is getting Desire now this will be minor both had time to time 1 upon root 2 ok this route to will cancel this to with 2 x minus root 2 minus 1.11 and is well will be -2 and this is our final answer thank you a student