Class 11






Limits And Derivatives


Evaluate ("lim")_(x->(5pi)/4) ...

Evaluate `("lim")_(x->(5pi)/4)` `[sinx+cosx],` where [.] denotes the greatest integer function.


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start this question we need to evaluate the limit expose 25 pi by 4 box of X + Y equal to we have a been given to find the limit at x = 5 pi by 4 find what is a + sin a + sin 5 by 4 minus sin pi by 4 minus 1 upon 2 cos of pi + 5 by 4 equal to minus Cos minus 1 upon root 2 let's

a x goes to 55 and cause they go to minus 1 upon root 2 plus minus 2 X root 2 minus sin x + cos = 2 - 22 box of sin x + cosx that goes to minus boxer minus root 2 is finally evaluating this limit

this interpretation can be misinterpreted so not always the case that we will put the value within the box and that equals a little bit of a little bit of insight is needed to sin x + cos x goes to minus root 2 but it's because it didn't go to minus root 2 box of it goes to -2 and values of X close 255 the box value minus 2 minus 2 minus 2 and the Limited -2 Limited -2 thank you