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Class 12






Indefinite Integrals


Evaluate intx/(sqrt(x+a)-sqrt(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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let's start the question question says evaluate integration of x square root of X + A minus of root of X + b find the integration of x dx upon X + A minus root x + b is equal to x x of letters multiply and divide by root over express A + a x + b x in the numerator and also be expressive - Root over express Root over X + a x + b

this is equal to integration of how we can write is excess X + A minus x + A + similarly the sexual will be multiplied by root over express it also latest write this has its + b minus 3 into root over express this X is multiplied with Roop of expressive and root of X + b as well when in multiplication with proof of Express we have taken expressly - we have acted area then taking X with Root over express we have read and

/ denominator is in the form of a + b into a minus b which gives us is that is Express equals to minus b square which is expressly dominated the square and root gets cancelled and we will have the 6 and minus x please cancel 1 upon 1 minus b has now you will get integration of letters aphrodisia Express and minus x + 3 into root of expressive will keep us b + C whole to the power

upon 2 minus Root over expression can be written as Express a whole to the power of 1 upon 2 + again Express Bee this Express 3 into root of Express we will give us a x + b whole to the power 3 by 2 then again this minus b into X + it will give us explain to the power of one upon x now we know that integration of DX is equal to X ^ n + 1 upon 1 + 1 + see this gives us

Once Upon a minus b into X + C whole to the power 3 + 1 is 5.2 by 3 by 2 + 1 by 2 minus x + 1 by 2 + 1 is equal to 3 by 2 + again X + b whole cube the power of 5 by 2 by 5 by 2 minus x of x + C whole to the power 3 by 2 upon the sea the final

this is 2.5 into 10 to the power 5 by 2 minus 2 upon 3 into X ^ 2 + 5 x + b whole to the power 5 by 2 minus supervisory Express be the power of 2

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