Evaluate: intx/(3x^4-18 x^2+11)\ dx



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Updated On: 11-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the portion is evaluate the integration of x divided by 3 power 4 minus 3 X square + of 11 dx2 here we have the integration of x divided by 3 x power 4 minus 3 X square + of 11 9 hair let's put extra square let's put AC square as a wati Noida differentiate this both on the side of the differences and this both sides here we have to access the act in the above left inside and is equal to the difference of the it is our duty now here from here we have x dx is equal to 3 by 2 from here we have in this question we can see that our act is already given to replace this XD act with our duty bhai now we have one by two integration of Duty
01:00 - 01:59divided by 3 people experience it from here we have tea square near -18 T clash of 11 now in New retract 1 hour 3 common soybean 1 by 3 into 2 the integration of the integration of DT divided by x square - 60 and here plus of 11 by 3 after taking three common now here in numerator level 1 by 3 into 2 we can write this 1 by 3 into 2 as power 1 by 6 the integration of DT / we will add add and subtract with 9th square minus 60 + 9 - 9 + of 11 by 3 and now they're here we have won by 6 the integration of DT /
02:00 - 02:59we can write this part as our team - 3 whole square and here at all in this part where we have - of 16 by 3 after falling for the here we have won by 6 the integration of DT divided by minus 3 whole square minus of we can write this as 4 by under root of 3 whole square this value can be written as our 4 by under root of 3 whole square sunao the integration of this value they will be 1 by 6 into 1 by 2 into 4 by under root of 3 into log hair loss in 2 - 3 - of 4 by root 3 divided by 3 minus plus of 4 by under root of 3
03:00 - 03:59class of this integration this part this part of integration done by using a method to let holder is the integration of 1 by x square minus A square and this integration will be 1 by 2 into a log into x minus 1 divided by X + A + of using this method using this method be integrated this party wear from here after resolving this path after falling this part father where we have under root of 3 divided by 48 into log here we have a square after putting away after tea expire after putting our team is our experience we already put our experience to hear x square minus 3 minus 4 by under root 3 divided by
04:00 - 04:59x square - 3 + 4 Y under root of 3 + of tea from where we can see that this is our final answer thank you

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