Updated on:30/05/2023

Evaluate: 1sinx3cosx dx



hello Suresh question we have to integrate 1 upon sin x 32 concept in the latest x Gate 1 by 2 into DX upon this -2 ok now you can I want to that is this is written that is equal to fibre sin x minus root 3 by 2 is equal to sin 53 ok and this is now
Chinese into cos theta minus Cos A into sin b is equal to Sin A minus b ok this in the former Saini into cos B minus A into sin b and b is equal to 1 by 2 into Instagram delete this is that it sin x minus A into integral sin x cos x minus 5 by 3 ok Chintu TV integration of cosec x dx is equal to
log more circuit Kotak Lassi and integration of this is equal to 1 by 2 into 9 more in the place of 33 set it X-Men 3 - Mor + C is equal to


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