Evaluate: 1cosxsinx dx


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hello student in this question we have to integrate one upon x minus sin x ok so here to integrate this first of all we have to simplify this ok so latest multiply numerator and denominator by 142 tender to Subah Gate 1 upon root under two into the act in the numerator and denominator we get 1 upon root under two into cos x minus 1 upon root 2 into sin x ok and this is whole integration into ok integration 12 into DX upon 1 upon root under two can be written as sin pi by 4 and this is cos x Manas we can write one for Note 2
headquarters Palampur ok because that is equal to 1 upon root under to now this is sin x really get 1.2 into integration DX upon this is sign into sin into cos B minus into time be ok and you know that sign into cos B minus Cos A into sin b is equal to Sin A minus b ok and this time part 4 into cos x minus cos power 4 into sin x is equal to sin pi by 4 minus x ok now on for the following this week tonight 4 - X has minus
1 upon root 2 into DX upon this is sin x minus 5 by 4 OK I can you tell that this is minus 1 upon root under two into integration of cos x minus Bharatpur into DX and we know that integration of cosec x dx is equal to log more minus x + 3 ok and integration of this is equal to minus 1 upon root under 2 into log mod Kiran the place of we have at manpower for ok so it will be set at Marathon by 4 minus cot x
minus 5 by 4 mod Lassi and this is our answer thank you

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