Evaluate: 12+cosx dx


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student question is evaluate integration of 1 upon 2 + cos x dx till it's all this integration in this first of all I am going to put x is equals to 2 theta ok differentiating both sides will get the X is equals to to defeat ok now really cos 2 theta and Formula for cos 2 theta by 1 minus 10 squared theta upon 1 + 10 square theta I am going to put cos x is equals to 2 theta cos 2 theta and Cos 2 theta equals to this formula in integration of 1 upon 2 will be written as it is
this 1 minus 10 squared theta upon 1 + 10 square theta and place of the XP right to the theatre ok I am going to take this to outside this integration because to is constant to into integration ok Nau I will take LCM of this book to that is one in the numerator of 22 everything will be 1 + tan squared theta 1 + tan squared theta by 1 + 10 square theta is multiplied with to this will come to to 10 square theta + 1 minus 10 squared theta
ok now from unit 1 + 10 square theta will go in numeric typing next step I am going to do this step over here only this will go in New later 1 + 10 square theta 1 + 10 square theta is taken take a squared theta did not see two time integration take squared theta theta upon this is to 10 square theta minus tan squared theta will become 10 square theta + 1 will come free now I am going to take 10 theta is B is equals to 10 p.m. differentiating both side will get it is equals to take squared theta tan theta I am going to put put this in this integration with integration
beefeater dt dt phone squire Plus I am going to write three has 3 square feet and formula for integration upon a square + b square is equal to 1 upon a time in but upon A + B ok now where I am going to put at least of tech and place of it is root 3 fatty acid with 2 into 1 upon a sweet Chilli 1 upon root 3 ok 10 in word is a place of accessories t and p is tan theta tan theta upon a which is root 3 + 3 and this is our final answer
thank you students with answer in term of theta this is answering term of theta and we know that theta is equals to 8.2 so now in term of 2.3 and 10 at place of egg at place of theatre and it takes upon 2 upon 3 ok Lassi and this is our financial students

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