Updated on:26/04/2023

Evaluate: 11+sinx+cosx dx



letter start with the question the question says evaluate integral of 1 upon 1 + sin x + cos x when you are going to change everything into tennis and how are you going to do that we know that 1 to 10 of 22 upon 1 + 10 square equal to similarly pause and divide one person to use these to trigonometry trigonometric formulas to change the integral will look something like this one upon oneplus 2 connect 2 upon 1 + 2
+ cosx will 1 - cos 51 - 2 Convent time will take the LCM take 12 in the numerator and get my integral as oneplus equity and the denominator I will have one plus 10 square feet to 210 2 plus one minus transfer and you already know that 1 + tan Square X by 2 and I can simplify Square X by 2 / 21 + tennis
what to do if we are going to substitute let bhatu ki implies sec Square X by 2 BF have half to over here and we have Tennis bat take me to class 1st plus 2 plus 1st you get the same result hour Instagram will look like I will have one upon two and a half 6.2 now we already know that
integral of 1 by EDT integral of 1 by x dx is Allen modern world as answer as Allen Moti Lassi in what is T10 it's better to be alone of Mod off ten 1 by 2 + 1 + final thank you


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