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Evaluate : int_(0)^(pi)(x"tan"...

Evaluate : `int_(0)^(pi)(x"tan"x)/("sec"x+"tan"x)dx`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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today we have to evaluate the integral of x 10 x upon X + 10 x from limit 0 25 the first of all we will convert 10 x into sin x upon cos x we can write this integral sin x upon cos x upon week and its access one upon cos x + 10 x + sin x upon cos x right now become taking cosx as a LCM we will have x sin x cos x then 1 + sin x upon cos x so causes and consequently cancel out and integration from 0 to 50 25 DX DX so after then we will left with x sin x upon 1 + sin

day night 025 now we have a property of integration that says 0 to a-602 a w f of x dx is equal to zero to a f of a minus x dx so we can use this identity in the storm 60015 now the term of XP now convert to EMI Nashik we will have 5 - 65 - x sin x upon 1 + sin of 5 - 6 x 9 we know that checks will come in this quadrant and in the square theta sin is positive so we can open this sign term

as Linux and payments of the sin x sin x dx from 0 to pi separating this term filter was 55 - sin x upon 1 + sin x minus x sin x upon 1 + sin x integration from 0 to pi from 0 to 5 this is what are integration and in the above equation we can see that this was also I and let se m for the equation so we can see that in the final addition we have the same Tum so we can write that term si02 Pi Pi sin x upon 1 + sin x minus 5 is equal to Aisa digital become IPS I come to I

0-255 upon 1 + sin x know what you're doing 7 x 1 - sin x on numerator and denominator so 1 - sin x upon 1 + sin x dx the denominator term will not become a + b into a minus b square minus b square so hurting Pi outside and we will get sin x into 1 minus sin x dx upon 1 minus sin square x by 1 minus sin square x and we know that cos square A + sin square is 140 25 December come sin x minus sin square x become cos square x dx operating disturb film Keval 5 in 2025 sin x upon cos square x writing it's in bracket

minus sin square X upon x square x light sources integration DX and dx80 25 right after then we will have we can write sin x upon cos x x 10 x and we will let you then upon cos x x return so that will become sec x minus integration of 0 to 5 and with the x minus integration of and here the head causes itching causes correct synonym sin square upon cos square x square x dx right now integrating this zero to pay an outside 502 can write this as 10 Square X can be written as

this technique s d x minus 10 squared minus x square x - 1 so result BCom sec Square x dx no - 1 - - 3 + CEO + dear 02025 and hair to a novel differentiate it integrated then you will get to know that the integration of sec x 10 x 10 seconds only so we can set from 0 to pi minus sin square x integration of sec Square X will be 10x only 10x from 0 to pi plus one will become X only from 520 not putting all the limit

will give us Pi into sec 5 - 60 sec 5 - 60 65 is -1 and 60 is also -1 so - 10 X 10 Pi is zero and 10000 and plus 5 - 0 Sudha final expression will be - 2 + 5 then he will have to I so you should come I by 2 into 5 - 2 what are final integral value thank you

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