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Class 12






Board Paper Solutions


Evaluate: int_0^pi(xtanx)/(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Let `I=int_(0)^(pi)(x tan x)/(sec x +cosx)`……………1 <br> `=int_(0)^(pi)((pi-x)tan(pi-x))/(sec(pi-x)+cos(pi-x))` <br> `=int_(0)^(pi)((pi-x)tanx)/(secx+cosx) dx`…………….2 <br> Adding 1 and 2 gives <br> `2I=pi int_(0)^(pi) (tanx)/(secx+cosx)dx` <br> `=pi int_(0)^(pi)((sinx)/(cosx))/(1/(cosx)+cosx)dx=pi int_(0)^(pi) (sinx)/(1+cos^(2)x) dx` <br> Put `cosx=z`.Therefore `-sinxdx=dz` <br> When `x=0, z=1`, when `x=pi,z=-1` <br> `:.2I=pi int_(1)^(-1)(-dz)/(1+z^(2))=pi int_(-1)^(1)(dz)/(1+z^(2))` <br> `=pi|tan^(-1)z|_(-1)^(1)` <br> `=pi[tan^(-1)1-tan^(-1)(-1)]` <br> `=pi((pi)/4+(pi)/4)=(2pi^(2))/4` <br> or `I=(pi^(2))/4`

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online chat with the question the question is that even integer of 0 to pi X tan x upon X + tan x dx let I equal to integral 025 upon X + 1 is equal to 0 to pi by minus x upon x minus x +

write the reason 12028 of eggs equal to integral 028 converted into 5 equal to zero 255 minus x into minus minus secant x the reason for the atom

minus five equal to -1 it now if you look on you we can take - of completely and this will pick up the phone is equal to minus x tan x 1 and 2 x minus x

write one and it was I equal to zero to become weak and X + tan a constant integral now what are you because there to solve when they are in Sin and Cos A upon

one upon the reason equal to 1 upon divide cosx with this concepts what will get finalists will be equal to 1 + sin

now what are you want 1 + sin x 1 and separate names in one part having sin x + 1 and 1 part having minus 1 equal to 1 + 1 + sin x integral 0 to 1 upon 1 + 2 equal to This Storm will become interior 0251

what will do your will multiply numerator and denominator with 1 - 9 x get 0 to 1 minus sin x upon 1 + sin x into 1 minus father inside that goes from 0 to 0 to 1 minus 1 minus sin square x

a + b into a minus b is equal to now father interior 0 to 1 minus sin x upon 1 minus 10 squared

not the integral but the fraction 1 upon 1 minus sin x into cos square x into cos a sin to cos separated this we can write this again in 2025 will be come come into this will be come

one upon the reason for this was a minor no integration of secant squared minus secant x which was from 0 to degradation of square x dx equal to

integration of x equal to now 52 - 10 - 5 - 10 - into 50 - 10

- 1 + 1 is equal to 5.2 into 10 raise of final answer as integral X + tan x

2 into 5

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