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Evaluate: int_0^(pi//2)1/((a^2...

Evaluate: int_0^(pi//2)1/((a^2cos^2x+b^2sin^2x)^2)dx



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Updated On: 20-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Jumanji 1 minut evaluate the given integral in this function so please solve this interior to be I saw my weekend it says we should cover beautiful Beti dear Kaun cos square x common out so we will get cos4x as it will get Square X square + b square sin square x cos square x will become 10 square feet 1052 cos square x we can write 6 x x square x dx upon a square + b square x square x square
01:00 - 01:59now we know that sec Square X can be written as 1 + 10 Square x x sec Square x dx upon a square + b square 10 Square x is power house square if we put 10 tennis Tu Ti we will get sec Square x dx as a tt limits will become X from zero operate now become 20 to 30 equal to infinity chalo main to get zero to infinity oneplus is PDT upon Ishwar
02:00 - 02:59+ b square E-Square East square so let is equal to you that is equal to you City square is equal to you we can use partial WhatsApp method to solve the interior so we can that uses 1 + 2 upon a square + b square you so this can be written as a yah Kaun Akon Sabhi disco disco house ko sunao if we saw a and b so if it's over A and B the values of a will come out to be come out to be 1 by b square and our
03:00 - 03:59people come out a b b square minus A square upon B square if we have to put this value back into the equation and we will get Integra one upon B square duty upon a square + b square equal value B square minus A square upon B square Integra DT upon B square b square ka whole square of this function that will be one upon it and inverse X show we can write a search 1 upon a b square tan inverse TV bhai Dulhan
04:00 - 04:592010 Infiniti + b square minus A square Kaun Vishwa this will be come one upon a square B so this we will get tan inverse Infinity - 1000 this will simply become by x square upon A cube B cube now to find the value for I am bi bi
05:00 - 05:592 square + b square minus A square upon 44 A cube B cube equal to weather for a square + b square upon b cube A cube B cube this will be the value of I the final value of I dasvin ki aaram se

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