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Class 12






Indefinite Integration


Evaluate int sin(logx)dx....

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Let `log x =t.` Then, <br> `x=e^(t)impliesdx=e^(t)dt` <br> ` :. I =int sin(logx)dx`<br> `=int sin t e^(t) dt` <br> `=(e^(t))/(2)(sint-cost)+C` <br> Hence, `int sin(logx)dx=(x)/(2) [sin(logx)-cos(logx)]+C`

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in this question we have to evaluate integral sign of log x dx know if I let this integral as I then why is integral sin log at now if b is equals to log at and here we take exponential both sides will be our team and exponential will get cancelled with lock and this will be active now differentiate with respect to X both sides and power by DX is equal to 1 December lies in the power 3 into it is equals to date now if I substitute these values hair in the value of I then this will be my I will be integral sign of at the place of log x we will write

scienti and at the place of date we will write a letter to the power 3 DP now I then let us take this as first function and this as second then the value of I will be function as it is then integration and function DT -4 integration differentiation of hair differentiation of Cos function integration of s function and now this integration of e raise to the power 3 to the power 3 this will be the power 3 into 3 differentiation of scientist cost will be costly and integration of e raise to the power it

is it will be Aditi now every again take this as first function and this as second function then this will be here this is my power TV then sign tea minor hair this will be first function and integration of s function hall integration differentiation hot function into integration of second function and hair we have hole in now this is equal to the power 3 minus this will be costly and

this will be a minus minus b + integration and differentiation of cos theta minus sin theta minus sin and integration of e raise to the power team and hole in my eyes equals to eat power 3 into x minus 3 into costly and this is minor hair integration into power it was my right this is the value of I so here we can write this as I now everything I on the left hand side and it will be I + Y is equals to wear this is a raise to the power 3 sin theta minus Cos

and hair this is to I is equals to the power 3 into x minus cos T which implies I request to 1 by 2 activity scientist in minor cost and here we have did the integration so Hare Dil there will be some arbitrary constant also because this is an indefinite integral now my log x substitute the value of this my is equals to 1 by 2 power log x will be submitted at Dan dasilva will be a sign of log minor

cost of log x so this is the required value of the integral which is 1 by 2 X into sin log x minus cos x + 3 where season arbitral

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