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Class 11






Complex Numbers


Evaluate: [i^(18) + ((1)/(i))^...

Evaluate: `[i^(18) + ((1)/(i))^(25)]^(3)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : `2-2i`


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in this question we asked evaluate I raise to power 18 + 1 upon I respond 25 to the whole cube first of all we can we get I equal to under root of -1 and I square is equal to -1 so by this we can say that I raise to power any 21 - 1 + 1 or 2 n + 1 is equal to under root of -1 and ideas to cover any is equal to management so that is the Irish to power a tin can be written as I raise to power 29 29 29 aur kaun I used to power 25 Discovery latest this week I'm

-1 as this is as this power is 21 latest 2019 this will be - 1 + 1 upon this is 25 can be written as 24 + 1 so this can be written as to into 12 latest 1 X + 1 then this will be my whole cube so now for solving this I what we need to do it multiply and divide with I and denominator ok so we will get - 1 + enumerator it will become my denominator it will become a square b square is -1 so the whole cube will become - 1 - I need to cover whole cube ok so this can be written as if we take mine is common it will get outside and weak and addresses oneplus we

can we know that a + b raise to power cube can be written as a cube plus b cube + X + b so similarly if you use this in the given equation we can write oneplus 6t cover you can be written as 1q it is 1 cube + y cube + 1 into 1 + 1 + I now if you solve this we will get one plus IQ Kendriya tennis I square into I that is minus 1 into X + 3 + 3 square ok so now we know that there was a -

outside the brackets if we consider that - equation will become minus 1 minus 3 minus 3 x square minus so this will become -1 -1 -2 and if you close this will be if you take for every - inside penis inside will get to -2 this will be our final answer for this problem to -2 I thank you


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