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Class 12






Trigonometric Functions


Evaluate each of the following...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : (a) `-1/2" (b) "-1/sqrt3" (c ) "sqrt2`
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the question is evaluate the following it romatic function of a cause for bye-bye 3b 10 - 210 - 210 degree c Kaushik 11 paper code for this we know about the quadrant the Arabic word and this is first second third and this is fourth quadrant is from 0 to pi by 2 pi by 2 535522 and 25 in Hindi squad aren't real automatic function are positive here sin and Cos ka positive 10 kota kota positive cause and positive so firstly we have we have caused 453 we can also returned it is caused by

+ 5 by 3 as we can see that caused by + 5 by 3 this is 55 + something will be like in third quadrant so in third quadrant causes negative and Cos 5 + theta is cos theta of so it can be written as - Cos pi by 3 and we know that Cos pi by 3 is 1 by 2 and it will be equal to minus 1 by 2 now for the b&b is 10 - 210 degree it can be also converted as first of all we can return 10 - theta is minus 10 theta and for the week and return it as 10 180 degree + 30 degree so 180 degree + 30 degree it is in third quadrant any third quadrant tennis positive

so we can write it as 10 30 degree but we have - already so it will be -10 30 degree as we know that 30 degree is 1 by root 3 is the answer will be minus 1 by root 3 now for this question 11 pi by 4 so here we can write it as he had become writer Kaushik 11554 we can write it as we can write it as Kaushik Kaushik 11554 can be converted into 3 minus 5 by 4 we will solve it 3 into 12 by -5 11554 as we can see that is here and 35 will be here 35 - something will live in second quadrant and second quadrant

in second quadrant Kaushik is positive as sin and Cos are positive in second quadrant we can return it as cossack pi by 4 and Cos pi by 4 is equal to we know that cos root 2

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