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Class 9






Algebraic Identities


Evaluate each of the following...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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the Killing question is evaluate each of the following by using identities in the first one is 103 into 97 and the second one is 103 in 2003 and the third one in 97 whole square root of all we write down the first that is 103 into 97 we can write down 10 300 plus 3 and we can also read our 9700 -3 we will use the identity that is if a b and T minus b in second bracket then it will be a square minus b square then apply this identity then we will get

hundred square -3 square then we will get -9 then it will be 9991 the second one in 10 3 into 10 3 then we can write down 103 as 103 and 103 write down as 103 so we can say it will be 100 + 3 square then The Identity will be used in that will be a + b whole square it will be a square + b square + 2 J P will you design entities and big 803

whole square equal to hundred squire Plus 3 square + 2 into 100 into 3 then it will be 9 + 600 then it will be one 10609 and the third one is 97 whole square 97 whole square we can write down it as 100 - 3 whole square when we expected this we will that 100009 -2 in 200 into 3 then

we will get 10000 9 - 600 then we will get then it will be 9409 thank you


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