Updated on:30/05/2023

Evaluate: cos{sin1(725)} (ii) sec{cot1(512)} cot{sec1(135)}



question is asking for a cause of Sin inverse of minus 7 by 7 25 second set of cot inverse minus 5 12 and cost of setting 1539 for this cause of Sin inverse minus 7 by 25 this is equal to my Kaushik Vinod Sin inverse of minus x is equal to minus of music my minus of Sin inverse 725 and this is equals to a not so you know Osho - x is equal to cos x
cause of Sin inverse of 7924 so now we will do we will change the value of cos Sin inverse sin to Cos inverse how can unit no sign means height by hypotenuse is no 7 the hypotenuse is 25 so why breast will be 25 by Pythagoras Theorem 25 square - 7 x square - 49 this is equal to Y is equal to my 576 ok so we know root under of 576 is 24 it
will cause of Cos inverse cos means coronavirus base by hypotenuse this is my 24 hypotenuse is 25 OK then we also know what do we do you know horse of Cos inverse X is equal to minus then this is equal to 24 25 this is my 500 1st S given pack of cot inverse X 1 Secondary School psycho photo minus Crime Patrol ok Bikaner
wife because you know cot inverse of x is equal to 10 inverse -10.5 Jeena Sikho main Sachin Singh Ji men open 5 convert sentence into so it is my 144 + 55 which
is my 169 root root 169 is 1330 so what is S hypotenuse over base s hypotenuse is problem with this is 535 and this is equals to last one third one Oppo Court of sec inverse minus 5 battery auto S miner Khadi ok this is equal to
photo sec inverse 13/5 ok because negative values on positive degree so it will be my so bye photo 3512 this is my hot off coronavirus 12555 12345 also tracking


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