Class 12






Indefinite Integrals


Evaluate: (a)int(1+sinx+cosx)d...

Evaluate: (a)`int(1+sinx+cosx)dx` (b)`int(2+cosx)dx` (c) `int (sinx(1+cosx) )dx ` (d)`int(1-2sinx)dx`


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every one hour question is whether the following Integra Integra 1 + sin a + cos b and b is 2 + cos x sin x into 1 + cos x dx and and one minus 2 sin x by 1 + sin a + b is an indefinite integral so we can write this one day integration of sin x + integration of constant we can write it was identical sign this is one day integration of sin x minus cos theta integration of cos x + sin a definite integration of DX

minus cos x + 8 the integral of cos x dx is integration of cos x dx this expression as a integration of constant term we can't write it outside the integral Plus integration of secx integration of DX is integration of cos x + constant indefinite integral of sin oneplus we can write the integral sin x + sin x cos x finance costs into this can be expanded as integral minus

Plus integration of sin2x integration of sin x minus Cos A and B have to find a bit integration sin x cos x dx Binu that sin 2x = 2 sin cos table using this formula we can write this one to two way to minus Cos and 1 by 2 is constant term 2 in 2012 day knowledge than two different setting this regard to d s equals to 1 by 2

Integra sin 2x is equal to 30 society and their supposed to DTA want to know what to say when constant Subah kar I disturb integrator equals to 1 by 4 and integral of point P - cos t is equals to minus Cos A + 1 by 4 minus is equal to 2 x minus plus for standard fourth integral of 1 - 2 sin a is can be written as integral 1 - integral sin x dx integration of DX is equal to a -2 is constant with

identical and then we get 2 Sin A minus 2 minus cos x + 2 cos