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Evaluate: a. 27 times (-33)" ...

Evaluate: a. `27 times (-33)" b. "-45 times 18`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
a. -891 <br> b. -810


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the questions that evaluate a part 27 x minus 30 degree and bnb part - 45 x 80 online so we will solve the one by one part 1 part 27 X - 33 so as we know that if a positive integer n x the negative integers the resultant number negative sign and the product of two numbers we will reply so here we will simplify that is multiplier this number 27 X - 33 this is gonna be equal to minus 27 in 233 ke when we will multiply minus 27 233 this is equal to minus 8 19 solutions for fast fat Nabi Pak even as - 45 X 18 so also

IFA 2077 multiplayer with a positive integer again so number and product is to number so ja be multiplied 45 x 45 X 18 this is gonna be equal to dinner with negative sign -45 into 18 and multiplication of these two number 1 - 8 10 answer this question thank you

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