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Evaluate: =|[0,sinalpha,-cosal...

Evaluate: =|[0,sinalpha,-cosalpha],[-sinalpha,0,sinbeta],[cosalpha,-sinbeta,0]|



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Updated On: 31-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59question is evaluated determined given as zero at the element is zero final power minus cos alpha and hear my National Fire 0 and hair Sahi Nobita and their cos alpha minus Sin B and here we have zero so let's all the value of determinants of people did not the determined with capital and this is equal to our has zero hairstyle alpha and here alpha and here we are - of sin alpha and here and here we have sign beta and here we have Kaushal fine here we have sign beta and heavy have zero so let's all the value of determinant along the First row from here you will write the first element of first 2000 in 2010 we will this column and this route from here we have only four elements that is 2020
01:00 - 01:59Sohail right 0 - of sin theta minus sin theta into sin beta so here we have - of sin square B are now - of now next take other values from here we will take our second element our first rule that is our sin alpha squire will write sin alpha into the final for then we will negotiate a tower this row column and distance from here trap with two other element 34 other animals so here we have time -1.0 that is our 0 - of coarse and fine to sign beta so here we have cos alpha into sin beta now next take the third element of our First row that is + of values + of heavy have - of cos alpha here we have - of cos alpha into
02:00 - 02:59let me right here below we have cos alpha into now we are using cos alpha then they will negotiate this column and this row from here we have left with the four elements have a minus sin a into sin beta so here we have Alpha into sin theta minus of Alpha cos alpha in 2050 solve this value father so here we have zero into anything will be zero so here we will write 20 - of sign into in 2008 and minus sin alpha into cos a sin b i will be here will be the class of sin alpha cos alpha sign beta hai abhi
03:00 - 03:59- of cost per square Mile of cos alpha into sin alpha and beta will be caused Alpha trion Alpha and Sin B are so we know from where we can see that our value every cancel out final Park of alpha and beta minus of cos alpha sin alpha and beta cancel out from here the value of determinant is zero and this is our answer thank you

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