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Estimate the sum or difference...

Estimate the sum or difference as indicated: <br>4,567+14,743 (rounding off to the nearest thousand)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hi let's start the question question says that estimate the sum or difference as indicated the number is given as 4567 + 14743 rounding off to the nearest thousand so we have to find the value of this sum by rounding them to their nearest thousand so first we will round of both the values to nearest thousand rounding off to nearest 1000 first number is 4567 whenever we round of any number to nearest thousand we compare the last three digit of number with 500 if the given value is greater than 500 then it will be rounded up and if it is less than 500 it is rounded down and the result

was cricket there they are in the multiples of thousands so 4567 this value is greater than 500 site will be rounded up to 4,000 will become 5000 now next number is 14743 so when will round of this number since it is when we compare this number with 500 it is greater than 500 so it will be rounded up will get here after 14008 comes 15000 know we have to add this two values at 15,000 + 5012 ki bus 20000 with estimated value of above sum is 20000 a hope this answers your question thank you

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