Equation of plane (vector and cartesian form) in point normal form


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hello everyone have missed video mein discuss Karenge question off the plane in a normal form kya matlab hai isko Kahate Hain Lena Mustafa Kolkata to me plane is a surface plane surface ko Kahate Hain ki jismein koi two points mein aur use point se joining 1 line point coaching Karti Ek line RO Karen Agarwal line completely Usi surface to surface Kaun bolate Hain plane plane is a surface such that plane is a surface such that if any two points if any two points two points are taken on it are taken article on it
then line join on taken on the the line and the line joining line joining line joining them is completely splice completely on the qualities completely completely on it ok so this is the definition of plane autoclean ko equation of the plane jo hai aap clean tarike se determined kar sakte hain Tarika Hai Ki 1 normal to the plane and distance from the origin is given is it normal to the plane and distance from the origin is given so that is cut this equation of a plane in the normal form and second hand kar sakte hain Ek plane passing through a point and perpendicular to a given direction Agar point se pass Kare aur kisi bhi
direction ke perpendicular hai and third chij Hai 38 passes through three given nonlinear kaun sa Gati nonlinear point se baat kar raha hai Jab Bhi Ham plane ka question find kar sakte ho kya so Yahan per Humne Ek plane Diya Hua Hai Uske bad Ham Yahan per point origin Yahan per consider this is a my virgin this is my origin aur ya koi aur Battery Point plane mein hi with position vector r and this is and and unit vector along poem so n is a unit normal vector along so Yahan per Ham tha plane ki plane ki Ham origin se distance ke consider kar raha hai plane ki Origins a distance D consider kar rahe hain show some observations show vector when kya ho jaega vyakti sabse pahle Dekhenge
vector AVN kya ho jaega Hamara vyakti ko n ho jaega d n cab ok vector when hoyega DN cap and vetiver number Raho kdn cap and Koi point on the plane Bhi Koi point on the plane and Bhi Koi point on the plane and then are yahan se kya ho jaega PNR and perpendicular Ho Jaenge piano and perpendicular Ho Jaenge Sofian is perpendicular PNG vector is perpendicular to N Sumer Singh ka dot product zero Jaega so Inka dot product product 1.0.8 of these vectors 0pn Oruvan hai kya ho jaega mara PN Kya Hai Hamara
TN is nothing but when - when minor Sophie sorry op - 1 Kyunki Hamara Agar strangle Mein Dekhe Nagaram strangle Mein Jaaye ENT Mein Jaaye to hamare offer kiske kaun hai yahan se yahan se Hamara Kaun hoyega Pop Pop cal ho jaega P N + m n ok op Hamare ko Jaega sorry ok this is OP one8 and GMP Ho Jaaye ok so Hamara op kiske kholo Jaega Plus o n k ok so NP NP Hamen pata hai
mp4mania Mein chahie ok mein pata hai aur yah Hamen Pata Hai Hamara NPR se kya ho jaega is nothing but a minor op mijn Sohail Soma op kya hai a raha hai sakta aur kya Humne bhi dekha De and Cafe Hai support these values to Yahan per yah values put kar dete hai To Hamara are mine are - 3 and cab in to Venkata Hamara DN cap is equal to zero cap - D square and cab ok so yahan se this is vector this is
vector r.and care and Kya Ho Gaya one and half Chaddi to get these these not equal to zero Sodi non-zero Yahan Se Kya Ho Gaya Mara Sare Jahan se Hamara a Gaya yahan se Hamara 8.10 Cafe Gaya Hamara so this is the required equation of plane in normal form required equation of plane in normal form ok in normal form Arya vector form of the equation of plane Ham dekhte hain ki Ham partition from ka yeah this is our vector addition form Kaise nikalenge with the help of vector form ok
so cartesian form ke liye Ham Kya Karenge aur Hamara kya hai aap position vector of point P hai aur uske co-ordinate Hamen lete hain xyz to aur kya ho raha hai Sahi + Y Z plus jhatke ho jaega XI + Y Z plus security aaega aur ham direction cosines of encampment Lete Hain let direction cosines of direction cosines of Entrapment l l m n l m or n lemon and mint and cab kya ho jaega yahan se endcap Hamara ho jaega l i flash mg lesson ke question Rakh Denge To Hamen kya mil Jaega To dot product of Audit and capture ho jaega this is nothing but I'll X + Y + Z is equal
to leave this is the equation of plane in cartesian form sahyogi equation of plane in cartesian form equation of plane equation of play in cartesian form or vector form cartesian form Ham Agali video mein distance Karenge equation of plane passing through three points

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