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Equation of parabola in its st...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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video mein dikha Thana article definition of parabola is Freedom Dekhenge ki question of parabola kya hota hai aur uske standard form Mein Dekhen to usko dekhne se pahle my contacts delete this is a co-ordinate Axes a positive direction of x-axis of fine negative direction of X and negative direction of buying a standard form ke liye Ham Kya mante ki jo focus Hamara that is at its access point 1 mass hero ki Hamara point is a theek hai aur liye the directrix theek hai to Yahan per directrix Kuchh idhar Hamara Hamara Kyunki Hamen pata hai ki jo jo focus yah perpendicular to the directrix is come later jetset Ash ab Hamen pata hai ki Ghatak sota word parabola mein jo birthday so that its midpoint

if focus and directrix important result a parabola with vertex origin pin area hi origin to my vertex point a -1 0 36138 online directrix ki Hue x is equal to minus A wali line Thera para Bulai Koi point Hai Ham bhi point Leta kar theek hai ki point ka coordinator X korma by aur Hamen chahie ki job point 1 ka main point ka equation point Ka distancr se exam online or Russian car distance a high speed car distance from ZZ Aaj Bhi from ZZ dash hamare pass X + 1 equal theek hai yah Jo PS ka distance Yaad an equal Hona chahie means PS is equal to Z

P from 6-9 it take him to PS Jo Hamara hamare pass a Gaya under root of x minus b whole square + Y - 0 is equal to P set satta sugar X + into distance Amaram free ho jaega x minus C whole square + Y square is equal to X + c ka whole square minus x square - 2 X + a square + Y square is equal to X square + a square + 2 x square is equal to assemble ki y square is equal to 4 x 10 ft required standard form of parabola the point P M is ka jo craft Kuch Is Tarah Kaise Banta ki point P Is Tarah Se Hota Hai Ki vertex V se ho and is tarike se hun theek hai to require parabola graph equation

bhai score is equal to 4 x 2 video mein Humne Dekha Humne liya focus as a Commerce Hero Z Satta Sama directrix tha on 1 important research Pata parabola Kaki protex Hai vah midpoint hota hai focus and directrix 2002 director Samaroh minus 1 is equal to minus a perfume they would distance PS is equal to PM lagakar Humne equation of parabola point kar liya ab next video mein Ham sandal equation of parabola ki jo result ho to Uske bare mein discuss Karen


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