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Elements or parts the three si...

Elements or parts the three sides AB BC CA and three angles A B C of a Delta ABC are together called the six parts of elements of the `Delta ABC.`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello friends to jaise ki Apne pichhali video mein triangle ki definition Padi Thi is video mein Ham triangle ke parts ke bare mein padhne wale Hain dekh Lete Hain Ham triangle ke bare mein kya side to side is cavity definition three line segment of this and segment a line segment ab BC and CA that form the triangle ABC are called as side of triangle ABC To Jaise triangle ki definition mein likha tha ki 3 3 non parallel parallel line segments a intersection point Jo plane figure form hota hai use Ham bolate triangle to use 3 non parallel line segment rahti hai na point of intersection ke bich Mein paath rahata Hai Ki Nahin Ham bolate Hain Kya sites in M kya bolte hain sides to intersection point kya AB AB definition ab

BC or CF joki Milkar a triangle ABC banati Hai To Ham Kya bolate Hain sides of triangle ABC AB side ki definition of the next angles Tulsi definition Kada 3 angle BAC a bc and ac are called the angles of the triangle ABC to up line of intersection and line segment of the intersections to angle form hota hai to angle for motor angle BAC Angle B BSc level angle angle abc angle abc angle A and angle ACB angle ACB wale angle angle ko kya bolate Hain Ham angle of triangle abc angle definition ab next Hai Hamare kya use elements aur parts ki triangle ke lament paath karte hain three sides ab BC and CA and three angles abc of delta BC

delta delta is ko Bulane Ka Tarika Delta ABC element of triangle ABC of side Hoti Hai Hamari teenon side Hoti Hai three sides and triangle in 3 inch ko together 160 kya bolate Hain 6 parts of element of the triangle ABC ABC Tu yogya mere Humne Kya Kya padha side ki definition Badi ki jo line segment hoti hai vah kya bolate Hain BCA kya bolate Hain side angle ACB Jaise case example May 29 Keval the angle of a visual element part kya bolate Hain teenon site or 3 angle to milakar Jo hamari 6 part fighter film acchi acchi Jaati Hai unhen bolate Hain 6 parts of element of triangle ABC dk22pac video samajh my next

video mein interior and exterior of triangle Padega


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