Each question has four choices a,b,c and d out of which only one is correct. Each question contains Statement 1 and Statement 2. Make your answer as: If both the statements are true and Statement 2 is the correct explanation of statement 1. If both the statements are True but Statement 2 is not the correct explanation of Statement 1. If Statement 1 is True and Statement 2 is False. If Statement 1 is False and Statement 2 is True. It is given that a,b>0,c>0anda+b+c=abc Statement 1: All of the three numbers cannot be less than 3. Statement 2: In ABC. tanA+tanB+tanC=tanAtanBtanC


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hello Google give a b c and d are covid-19 1 and 2 play cancer as it goes to concert tour national city CA 91402 but shipment to smart effective solution of 2.1 is treatment 12 and sequin to cause statement and statement is true that A is greater than the breeze Residency is better than B and a + b + C is equal to 80 c and all of the three numbers can not be less than group B and C parantu is in triangle abc tan A + tan b + X is equals to Canning to Kandy to tank will start with statement number so we know that sum of angles a + b + c
is equals to 5 so from this we get a + b = 25 - of both size this will be and a minus b is equal to sorry and a + b is equal to 5 minus formula for can be placed in which is equals to and a + tan b 1 minus 10 into 10 that can is negative in the second quarter in soap and 5 - 3 - 10 line so we get tan is + tan b is equals to minus plus 10 into
10 into 10 power minus 5 is equal sides get tan A + tan b + c = 2 into 10 into 10 power statement to describe which was therefore our second take me to Jeri correct now now let BA tansy and density so therefore you can write like this a + b + C is equal to a b c and only happen
if angle A is equal to angle b is equal to angle c equal to 60 degree and 60 degree is equal to show only possible all the values in a b and c are equals to root 3 so latest across an environment it says she's all of the three numbers cannot be that means writing our statement number one is also a correct statement 1 and statement to is correct and to the correct explanation is the correct explanation for treatment options after number of cinema one is correct is both the
statements are true and shipment to the correct explanation of students

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