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Each of the n urns contains 4 ...

Each of the n urns contains 4 white and 6 black balls. The (n+1) th urn contains 5 white and 5 black balls. One of the n+1 urns is chosen at random and two balls are drawn from it without replacement. Both the balls turn out to be black. If the probability that the (n+1) th urn was chosen to draw the balls is 1/16, then find the value of n .



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Solution :
Let `E_(1)` denoter rthe evetn that one of the first n urns is chosen and `E_(2)` donate the evetn that (n + 1)th urn is selected. A denotes the event that two balls drawn are black. Then, <br> `P(E_(1))=n//(n+1),P(E_(2))=1//(n+1),` <br> `P(A//E_(1))=""^(6)C_(2)//^(10)C_(2)=1//3` <br> and `P(A//E_(1))=""^(6)C_(2)//^(10)C_(2)=2//9.` <br> Usign Bayes's theorem, we have <br> `P(E_(2)//A)=(P(E_(2))P(A//E_(2)))/(P(E_(1))P(A//E_(1))+P(E_(2))P(A//E_(2)))` <br> `or 1/16=(((1)/(n+1))2/9)/(((n)/(n+1))((1)/(3))+((1)/(n+1))((2)/(9)))=(2)/(3n+2)or n=10`



00:00 - 00:59the question as each of the an URN contains 4 white and six pack for the n + 1 and contains 5 white and 5 ramp for one of the plus one tuition at random and two balls are drawn from it without place in both the boys on out to be black that and + 1 on was chosen to draw the boy is 1 by 16 find the value of n for let se events be even be an event that bol students from first end it to be an event that board students from and + 1 town and even even that to version are also it is given to us that probability that a ball is using from and Plus One Turn black is given to us that is
01:00 - 01:591564 let's find out the probability of these events separately for the probability of event even be equal to 1 upon 1 + 1 because for can be chosen from and balls and total number of terms will be and + 1 probability that it is 2 cm from it will be equal to 1 upon and tension because total number of answer and + 1 and V using from 10 plus one stone that is equals to only one of the probabilities equal to 1 upon 1 + also the probability that a ball is black when to choose from and equals to sexy to upon 10 C2 Si course 1 byte is equal to
02:00 - 02:591 by 3 also the probability that two balls are black when it is to choose from and + 1 = 25 C2 upon 10 C2 because their total number of 5 class board total number of Tennis Cricket 52 accountancy probability that it is Susan from and + 1 term when it is black in colour will be equal to 2 x 3 2 1 and 2 p a y e 1 + 2 into PC abe I
03:00 - 03:59will be equals to 1 by 16 is equals to pe2 as 1 upon 1 + 1 into a by 2 is to provide even is an upon 1 + 1 x minus 1 by 3 + 2 + 1 upon 1 + 1 X 22 so this is equals to 2 EP 2 upon 3 and + 2 3 and + 2 is equals to 33 and is equal to 30 and MC Stan

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