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Draw the graph of the quadrati...

Draw the graph of the quadratic polynomial `f(x)=3-2x-x=2`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Let `y = 3 - 2x - x^2`. <br> The following table gives the values of y or f(x) for various values of x. <br> [X_RD_2_E01_03] <br> Thus, the following points lie on the graph of the polynomial `y = 3 - 2x - x^2`: (-5, -12), (-4, -5), (-3, 0), (-2, 4), (-1, 4), (0, 3), (1, 0), (2, - 5), (3, -12) and (4, - 21).


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the question is that we have to draw the graph of the quadratic polynomial Hamen quadratic polynomial have a given FX equal to 3 minus 2 x minus x square is equal to Bhai theek hai to sabse pahle Hamen quadratic polynomial ke points nikal De agar humne Vaiko equal to Kyun Bana Lete Ham X and Y ki table apne aap ko equal to zero Kiya To Dekhte x ki value kya hai ki hamare pass Agar Ham Ne Bhai ko 20 ko kya tumhare pass kiya Jayega 3 - 2 x minus x square equal to 0 9 X square + 2 x minus 3 equal to zero abhi Iske factors bana sakte hain square + 3 x minus x minus 3 equal to zero nikalenge tu hai kya bachega X + 3 - 1 nikalenge to hamare pass hai kya X + 3 equal to zero risk factors kya ban

gaya hamare pass x minus 19 X + 3 equal to zero the yahan se mere pass X ke 2 points - 1 and 31 and -3 x minus 1 equal to zero point Karenge hamare pass accident hua uski 1 and X + 3 equal to zero point Karenge to access to hamare pass 2 points X ke Ek Bar hamare pass I -3 aur ek wali Y1 theek hai agar Ham x square equal to zero point karte hain Agar next 20 foot kiya to hamare pass Bhai Ki value kya hai ki vah dekhte hain 3 - 220 - 0 ka square equal to Y to you don't 10 vi ki value kya Jayegi 30 foot Kiya To Kya Gai hamare pass 3 24 ka Agar graph broker Na Chahe ke tension plane per To Hamara plane ticket sabse Pahle Se pahunch man kar lete ho tumhare pass Nahin 16

points are yaar theek hai pahla point hamare pass hai zero 3.3 0.102 sabse pahle point Bank karte hain 0303 hamare pass kam hoga that will be 2013 dusra point kya hamare pass - 302 - 303 hamare pass dusra point -340 and disappointment was a 10.10 Tum matlab Nahin teenon join kar dete Ham Hamare group ban gaya Jogi mere pass 3 - 2 x minus x square is quadratic polynomial ka gana baniya mere pass


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