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Draw the graph of the polynomi...

Draw the graph of the polynomial `f(x)=x^3` .

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone let's start the question the question said that draw the graph of the polynomial FX = 2 x cube so that means here we have to draw the graph of the polynomial x = 2 x cube so we have given the polynomial FX = 2 x cube here there is a cubic polynomial so first we have to find the domain of this is different for every values of X so that this would be from minus infinity to infinity X belongs to from minus infinity to infinity and now range range would be here when you put minus infinity so this would give a minus infinity value and when we put here plus Infinity so this would be a plus Infinity so here are the domain and range and now we have to find the values for FX = 20 so that means FX = 20 that makes x cube = 20 so that means your ex is also equal to zero so here is only one point that

gives x = 20 so here is the point and output value that is less than zero so that we support her -1 so this would be giving -1 cube which is equal to -1 so this means gurugram would be below the here horizontal line and now put their access call to one value greater than 101 so one is greater than zero Nagpur the value of this could be one cube which is equals to 1 so this would be like this cubic polynomial this is FX = 2 x cube and now I'm showing you the moon clear graph for this function of x = 2 X you here is that represent if x = 2 x cube and you can match with the previous one that is here here from 0 this is here at 0 this is just parallel to horizontal line and then with the year very easy go further that is in x positive X direction

this is going upward and as we go in negative extraction this graph is going towards this is a graph of x = 2 x cube the first we are finding domain and range and the point at which FX equal to zero and then we placed so here is the curve FX equal to x cube hope you understood it thank you


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