Draw the graph of the function: f(x)=log|x|



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Updated On: 23-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello Gai today question is draw the graph of the function we are given the function f x is equal to log off Modicare store in order to do in order to draw the graph of y is equals to logit function we know that the graph is of the form like this that is this and this point I admit it is the hero is X = is equal to 1 so we have drawn and this curve is equal to Y is equal to log so now we have to draw a model for the effect is equal to log off model so we can clearly see that negative value is also acceptable for log of models because what will make them positive to be will have the same colour over here are the same colour in the negative coordinates that is in the second and the third quadrant sunao if we draw the graph of y is equals to log modded to let this
01:00 - 01:59this is our x axis which is the negative by this is the negative and correspondingly this will be the negative so if I draw the Y is equal to log modded third to in the positive part that is in the first and fourth quadrant we have a normal Glass that is like this and this point is equal to X = 21 and this point will be this graph will be equal to Y is equals to log time now for this path for this part what we can say is the graph will be like this because we have the modular so the graph will be like this and we can say that this point is again this point is again -1 since we have log we have log of modded to for this path with the function will be equal to log off - 6 and the combined graph represents the graph of Y is equal to log off model

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