Draw the graph for each linear equation given below:


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hello welcome to doubt NET question that was given to us was draw the graph of for each linear equation given below given is why is equal to X schedule given the question that the question is why is equal to know we will make the table for the values of Wayanad we will we will take at least two or three values to find this so latest make table for this equation Y is equal to x now we will put the after getting values we will put it on the graph so now if we put the value of Y is equal to zero then X is also = 20 and Y is equal to 1 then X is also equals to 1 by x minus 1 then x is equal to equal to -1 so this is the point zero zero at the centre and 11 hair and -11 hair with this is -1 in this is -1
get appointment and this is one and one we got this point so the straight line that we get this straight line which we will getting is like this we get this type of straight line crossing to all the three points so this is the graph of the line Y is equal to this is the graph of the line Y is equal to X thank you

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