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Draw a rough sketch of y=sin2x and determine the area enclosed by the curve. X-axis and the lines x=π/4 and x=3π/4.



so restaurants in this question we need to draw a sketch of Y is equal to sin 2x and determine the area enclosed by the curve accessories and the line X equal to pi by 4 and x is equal to 35 so let's start with drawing and sketch of Y is equal to sin 2x ok so it will be similar to graph of sin x ok which is sing like this thing like this ok and the value of Y is equal to one where where to excel pivot to actually pi by 4 OK so this will be pi by 4 OK so this land will be x is equal to pi by 4 OK X equal to 5 by 4 k similarly the value of function is again zero when sin value Pi ok so here to excelify so this will be bye-bye to ok and now when
x is equal to 3 pi by 4 so this will become 3582 ok and so this will be 354 ok and hear the value of I will become -1 ok it will be come plus one ok so this will be our graph of Y is equal to sin 2x ok now we need to find the area between these two lines and this curve ok so which will be this area ok ok so as we know that this is metrical ok this Graves metrical ok so we can calculate this by integration and integration I will be equal to other we can do that we find this area from acceptable to paper 42 and then from private 22354 ok because this will give us a positive
and this will give negative ok area but we have to add them ok or we can just take twice of this area because these two areas are equal ok so it is better to just take twice of from paper 42 private to ok as this is battery ok and function is sin 2x sin 2x DX ok so this will give us the required area ok so this will Bittu into integration of sin2x will be cos 2x minus Cos 2x / ok so from 55425 Tu ok now we can just cancel this to ok and to adjust this - sin we can reverse this ok or
just 1 - sin common ok so -1 will be there common and Cos 2x to into first we have to put private to minus Cos 22514 ke Sokal 2 -1 Cos pi minus Cos pi by 2 ok and this film equal to minus 1 into cos b - 1 and cos B with 0 ok show the value of r i will be minus 1 into minus 1 which will be one out so this will be our area 1 unit ok thank you


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