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Data Handling-ii (Pictographs)


Draw a pictograph ...

Draw a pictograph


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hi students are question is the following are the number of electric bulb purchase for losers lodging house during the first four months of a year for January number of balls 25 February number of pulse 26 March 13 for April its 34 so draw a pictograph firstly for let's say that one let let one right that one picture like this right represent represent represents 5 bulbrite let this be 5 bulb right and left se this half white half represent write this half represents less than less than less than five bulbs write less than five bulbs we can say here will write the immense pride and hear the number of bulbs number of bulb sofa the first for number of lesson number of bulbs b u l b

straight so firstly in the first figure right for the first month that is January so we can say number of Pulsar 220 so we have to make food for such pulse of one bulb depression 5 rights as bulb will represent write 10 then said third represent 1515 bulbs and forth represent 2220 bulb now s is 1st February for the month of February 26 so we can say 5 bulbs for 25 write 1 to write 233 bulbs than 4 write four Bells represent 2010 5 pulp represent 25 and one-half bulb for write less than 5 for the month of March right for the month of March we have to make 6 Sach bulbrite as 5 write 10 then we can say 15

right then 20 Rai 2025 right and then we can say 30 so these are the 30 bulbs now in the month of April 2nd month of April we have to make we have to make one bulb write 6 complete bulbs write 6 complete pulse 123345 write five and then we can say 66 balls represent 30 and one-half bulb for right one half and half bulb for less than 5 this is the pictograph for the number of bulbs in the month of March in the month of Jan 5 March and April