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Class 6






Geometrical Constructions


Draw a line segment P Q of len...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello the question is draw a line segment PQ of length 10 cm after that mark a point outside pigment and enjoy line to open Tulip EQ sq ft step by step I am trying here a line segment PQ of length 10 cm and mention their PQ is 12 CM point would be somewhat here ok Nau I am being asked to take a point outside it so let the point over here I am waiting it will need to draw perpendicular through this point now what I do if that would for this we need to use a compass so what are those that I put the middle of the compass always point Q and then I'll open this more than half the let it be here this Machal open shareit will be needed and hear it will be pencil

so I'll be taking end up like this Sorry mein Kaise free hand painting then also in the next level coding needed here and pencil and the distance between the pencil the needle will be same as it was in the previous step what I'll do that now I will again draw an hour or so it would be like that sorry because it's a rough Tiger what I have to do if we have found out to endpoint this and this show will draw a line with the help of a scale here so it would be somewhat like this so this is the perpendicular bisector through point O I hope it clear thank you

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