Class 9






Linear Equations In Two Variables


Draw a graph of the equation: ...

Draw a graph of the equation: `y=-3`


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question is given draw a graph of equation given by Y is equals to minus 3 so what does Y is equal to minus of 3 mins or so why is equals to minus 3 stands for navigate to another way to say we all know that this is my access is where all x-values a positive this is my origin means so here is my value of which are positive in here in this code in all values of positive and this is my negative effects are we right to service act dish and here is one area why we ride is a virus why is negative office Levis you so what does Y is equal to Y is equal to negative pregnancy it will be here it can be a it can be here it can be here also

why because we can see from there is no value for accept that means that there is no founded why is a bounded by x y Hindi any of the value from this life home maker line then MI y3 main will look like this Infinity positive infinity to my negative Infinity Jewellers straight line a parallel line towards y axis they will there is infinitely many points in a news release date today silver final show thank you