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Divide: <br>(i) 3/8 by 5/9 <b...

Divide: (i) 3/8 by 5/9 (ii) 3 1/4 by 2/3



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Updated On: 20-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the given question say that divide 358 by 519 2nd party wear on 3 and 1 by 4 by 3 vs post of doing this question will its soul the first part in the first part we are told that divide 358 by 519 this is how do we will write it know there is a division and is a fraction of what will happen we can write this S3 B division will get turned into multiplication and here will be here we will have a reciprocal of 51 and will be 95 now simplify it further we will get 3 x 9 in the numerator and 5 x 8 in the denominator which will give us 27 by 40 so this is the solution for the division of the first part now let's move to the second part in the second part we have 3 and 1 by 4 / 233 and 1 by 4 /
01:00 - 01:592 battery no 3 and 1 by 4 is a mixed fractions of which can be written as 3 x 4 + 1 / 4 / 23 Nov 3 x 4 is not 12 12 + 1 is 13 so we have 13 by 423 know this can be written as because this is a division and we can write this is 13 by force distribution regard to convert into multiplication and we can write the reciprocal of 2/3 which will be tried to know we will have 13 x 3 in the numerator and 4 x 2 in the denominator which will give us 39/8 so this is the answer to the second part of the question that's all thank you

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