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Class 8






Algebraic Expressions


Divide : <br> 16 + 8x + x^(6) ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `-x^(3) + x + 4`


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today question is to divide 16 + 8 x + power 6 - 8 x cube minus 2 x to the power 4 + x square by X + 4 minus x cube we will solve it by using long division method that the first of all we will make sure that the polynomial is written in descending order descending order means from lowest from highest to lowest power the highest power 6 than 4.3 into 10 to the power 6 minus minus 2 x ki power 4 then we have - 8 x cube we have written this terms novel + x square + 8 x + 16 and be careful with each and every sign here right so we will make a division symbol here it and we will have the term X + 4 -

in the outer outer term right so minus x cube + X + 4 we will write this in the descending order so now we will see that which is the highest dam extra power 6 is the highest civil divide the term with the highest power inside the division symbol by the term with the highest power outside the division symbol so in our case we have our 6 inside and power -3 outside so we will it will give 6 - 3 will give us 32 it will give 1 - X ^ 3 that means disturb should be x minus x to the power 3 to make it excuse to when you multiply minus x cube into this it will give us extra power states when we multiply minus x cube into X it will give us minus x 3 plus one will make it 4 - x power 4 minus x cube

24 gives - 4 x cube how to subtract and bring down the resultant I'm so we know that in subtraction of signed changes if it is plus that will change as to minors and it is -3 changes to plus it's so here we can see that accept our 6s Plus and minus both sides are there so it will cancel out level 88 - + - 2 - 1 + - become -4 the greatest term is 2 and assign it to is minus b minus minus 3 x power 4 term then - + - 8 - 4 will give its four letters term is 8 and the sign with letters term is minus 2 into x minus 2 minus 4 x cube and we will write all the left arm as it is + x square + 8 x + 60 right then we will see the highest now known as

system is minus x power 4 level again 2 the similar step now to minus x to the power 4 minus x to the power 3 will give us X4 - 3 will give us power right now will right here + X and X + X into this term X + X into this term will give us minus x power 4 right then multiply X with the second term it will give us + x square and we don't have any excuse to turn out to be billed right x cube and this will become zero write this is your x square right and then we will have 4 x 4 + 4 x right now subtract and bring down the result now so get your the this is still come plus minus minus and

cancel out and minus 2 x cube minus zero Vedike - 4 x cube only then plus minus minus 4 these terms of the cancel out plus minus minus 8 - 4 x 4 + 4 x + 60 right now the highest power term is minus 4 x cube and we have minus x cube already so - 4 x cube minus x cube will give us for only right that means we have to add for here to make this term for x cube minus 4 x cube minus into minus Q will give us - 4 x cube then plus 4 Into X + 4 x + 4 into 4 + 16 right now we subtract them and will move to the next term for minus plus plus minus so all the terms be cancelled because they have alternate science with them so this will become zero and we can see

the result is minus x cube + X + 4 so the result is minus x cube + X + 4 thank you


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