Divide 12 x^3y^3b y\ 3x^2y (ii) -15 a^2b c^3\ b y\ \ 3a b



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Updated On: 10-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello standard English question you to divide 12 S cube b cube by 3 x square Y and s question we provide negative 15 a square B C cube by 388 ok so let's take the first expression in the first Expression Web to divide 12 x cube y cube by 3 x square Y ok student now hear this 3 cuts this 12 in by 4 times and this x square cut this x cube in X X and this Why this Why cube in y square turns over answer is equals to 4 x y square here using the identity is that when the variables are same that say that when the variables are cm and the end there in the division
01:00 - 01:59then their power is subtracted CEO arrested for MDR various 2 power n is equals to e raise to the power minus and location similarly here Indian water VFX square in India we have x cube so here I am is equals to 3 and and equals to 2 and minus n is equal to 12 that's why here access to the power n is there were similarly here x square is also left now let's take the second expression expression is -15 a square B C Q is divided by 3 location now hear this be and this week at cancel out this 315 in this way but this is square in it and so our final answer is equals to negative 5 a cube thank you

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