Discuss the extremum of f(x)=1/3(x+1/x)



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Updated On: 28-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone in this question we need to discuss the extreme or you can say the maxima and minima of a function and their function is 1 by 3 X + 1 by X what we have here is my function is 1 by 3 X + 1 by X 95 differentiate it we have 10 exercise 1 by 3 differentiation of access one differentiation of 1 by x minus 1 by x square know if I put it is equal to zero I have an equal to 1 by x square and Square equals to 1 so the value of access + -1 value of access + - 1 now for checking its maximum or minimum or you can say extreme values we need to differentiate it again with double derivative of After Effects is 1 by 3 differentiation of 10 by using this equation differentiation of 10 and definition of minus one by x square is one that is to y axis cube we have 2 by 3 Cube now at x =
01:00 - 01:59we have a double derivative of fun and the value is to buy that is positive it is minimum it is minimum at x = 2 - 1 we have as double derivative of -1 and that is minus 2 by 3 which is negative produces maximum rate this is the point of Maxima so I can say that my minimum value will be at one this is my minimum value and the function is 1 by 3 X + 1 by in place of I have to put one so oneplus one by one so we have answered as to buy this offer maximum value at -1 we get maximum value 1 by 3 minus 18 1 by 3
02:00 - 02:59we hear minus 2 by 3 this is my maximum and minimum values let's change it little bit this is my minimum value little bit from this is my minimum value and this is my maximum value thank you

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