Class 12






Continuity And Differentiability


Discuss the differentiabilty...

Discuss the differentiabilty of `f(x) = cos ( cos x)`


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I love you understand this question this question is to discuss the differential eat your perfects = cos of cosx discuss the difference differentiability at X = so the thing is limit its going to a effects that is the derivative of cos x minus cos of cos x minus 5 is equal to Limit X going to a offcourse of cos x minus cos a sin b equal to its equal to minus 2 time sign of cost

+ Cos A upon to panel sign of cos x minus cos x cos x to know this and when it a power of x minus A minus any unlimited going to a again now what we can do is just right this is a sign of cos x + cos A is to x cos x + a into cos x minus 1 upon 2 then sin of this is equal to minus 2 Sin of x minus 1 upon 2 x sin of X +

a point to know this upon to show this to get cancelled out so we need to find this limit and we should have x minus in Vinay so just trying to like it should we do here what we can do from here is an excuse to a this goes to sign a distinguish a distinct goes to zero is going to X-Men 2000 and what is the case here this goes to a and goes to cause you that is one and this is going to 2 x corso

hey this to should also be cancelled again this two person to this is going to 2 X cost of a so let's ride this this becomes limit X going to a -2 would be there then this is going to become Saina cost of a then receive 0 9 0 is 1 this is equal to sign sign of ex - 8.2 and sin x + 8.2 then we have let's bring it bring a sign of x minus A

bhai to time sign of X + 2 let's bring that here to sign of x minus 2 x sin of X + 1 by 2 then we should also began 2 years write this as x minus A and B can bring this to down here is cancelled out now as its calculate the limit as an excuse to a as it goes to a x minus 1 by 2 that was 202 this thing this entire thing this thing because of the form this sin theta by cos theta theta equals to zero is equal to 1 this entire thing from year to year

this is just one so we can write this is one time this -1 this is sign of course that's right that down and we have this again here x minus 3 by 2 that was 2013 sin theta theta table 2019 to a way to that is sign of a final answer is minus sin x sin of cost that is the final answer thank you