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Class 12






Continuity And Differentiability


Discuss the differentiability ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `absx` = `(( x , x > 0) , ( - x , x< 0))`<br>`f ( x )` = `((sinx , x > 0 ) , (sin( -x ) , x < 0 ))`<br> `f ' ( x^ + ) = f ' ( x^ - )`[ For the function to be differentiable ] <br> `f ' ( 0^ + )` = `lim_(hto0) ( f ( 0 + h ) - f ( 0 ) ) / h` <br>= `lim_(hto0) (sinh - 0) / h = 1` ( L- Hospital's rule ) <br> `f ' ( 0^ - )` = `lim_(hto0) ( f ( 0 - h ) - f ( 0 ) ) / - h` <br>= `lim_(hto0) -sin( - h) / - h = - 1`<br> Hence the function is not differentiable


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send this question we have to discuss the differential differentiability of a function affect and effect is equal to sign of modulus of X we know that modulus function X is defined as X when X is greater than zero and minus x when X is less than zero ok so that's define our function f x freshly effects will be a sign of X when I will be greater than zero G modulus of X be open with a positive sign and sign of minus x when excess less than zero and we know that sign of minus 6 is nothing - of sin x so in this paper we define a function now we have to check the differentiability of this function ok

we know that when a function has dash X + that is right and derivative equal to x minus then that function is said to be differentiable check first 5-0 + sin a + 0 - 0 + would be f0 plus would be a 40 plus minus 40 site will be at 40 + 80 + H will be defined marriage function sign of at - 4448080 just put at the bad the place of x0 will get 90 in this case also sbin0007080 upon at sign up page and this is limit X tends to

zero is also limit X tends to zero so what we got a hero plus we got a 0 + equals to limit of a chance 2019 h kon h if you put 20 years sin 0 will be zero at already 000 and we know that if you want to find the limit of a function and it is in the form of 0.0 then we can apply and Hospital rule what what is this will say this rule says that when there is a form of 0.0 and we want to find the limit when you have to differentiate numerator and denominator with respect to head and foot is equal to zero at the end of differentiation so we are going to do that only the limit has 1000 differentiation of sin and Cos and differentiation of HP Spectre hs1

so it is cos 0 will put h20 no after differentiation so this is one of our right and derivatives that is apt 80 plus one now we will check 5-0 manage and will see whether it is equal to one or not this is H1 is a chance to 040 - Upon A 401 - 40 - 50 define weather 0 - 50 less than zero so 0 - is Defined by the function - of sin x minus of sin x isn't it so this function will be limit of a chance 20 - of sin h

to Italy main sab main sab sign hai main 0 - ok this is limit h20 sign of minus minus Sin A minus sin and this minersville club with this - to make it + sin a upon as ok now it is upon - 6 - 6 already there so this is nothing but - of limit sign h upon as and just found out the limit of 2021 so this is minus 10 plus was one but fds 0 - is -1 this is not equal so attacks 120 function is not differentiable


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