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Class 12






Continuity And Differentiability


Discuss the differentiability ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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OK so the given question here I was discuss the different ability of effects ke which is Sin inverse 2x by 1 + x square and basically we have to tell where this a function is differentiable this one so I started this solution I can I didn't hear as are given if x is what Sin inverse 2x by 1 + x square is a function and if I put the value of excess 10 theta ditstek access what tan theta cot theta will report tan inverse of X rights and you know the values with categories listed I will vary from minus 5 by 2 to 5 by 2 and if I put the values of effects as theta rate this will be come what is function will become a fan of Peter Wright

keralida Mein keypad ise f of X right now become what Sin inverse 2 theta divided by 1 + it should be theta tan theta tan theta right so I didn't hear us to tan theta divided by 1 + 10 square theta and you know which formula exist for this 29642 exactly this is Sin inverse Sin of 2 theta right so basically according to this we can say that 2 theta should vary from Bhai and from -25 trade there should we have but when I got the function f x which is effects not plot I just give the conditions where we're at it exist so I'll say 2 theta will always exist from value

2 theta we know that should be required to be accessed from the situation minus 5 by 2 to 5 by 2 right because I can see that it should always very in between minus 5 by 2 to 5 by 2 so basically a few additions in between 52 - by where this 23 degrees it can vary from minus 5 by 2 by 2 where it comes out is to Pita and when it is a value which is theta tan theta which is less than 5 and greater than 5 by 2 in this case the Silk moth S Pi - 2 theta ok similarly when we have to theatre wiring from which is greater than - 5 and is less than - of bye-bye to read S3 cases in this Kaise chote Vikram - 5 - 2 theta for the negative case to the function where receive right now is this an effective become 5 minutes to the these are the Rangers

now we can check that if I put the value of x in terms of X so this will be convert 5 - 2 theta will be 5 - 2 tan inverse X is bi Pi - 2 tan inverse X because we take access tan theta and the only how to change here this will become access Dragon fun in this case this will be come to it will be converted and inverse X to of tan inverse X this will be w x should lie between -1 to 1 and the last thing we have minus 5 minus 2 then become - 5 - 2 tan inverse X this will I from x less than -1 ok so from these two points we have one 1 and -1 -1 visit to mention we can check differentiability of these functions in this Roman ok are the difference

this or not ok so if I write if I found the average sex cause you to my differentiability No 21 defensibility in this case we will do the affection of this option if you receive payments today no 6 ok so you know the tan inverse X differentiation is 1 upon 1 + 1 + x square this will become -2 of 1 + x square simple families have experience from Axis greater than one not equal to you should only be greater than 1 similarly this will be committed and also will come to 1 + x square thread but there is no -1 to 1 and the last when we have minus 5 minus 2 then was officially become -2 again what 1 + x square for range excess listen -1 played so basically a excess 3 functions where do I have to take a woman owned it means we can check for

1 and 4 - 1 so basically when to check for 18-19 is left and derivative at one should be become if I put the value of one here where this one will come out as 1 -2 become knock yourself out the value of Rs 300 this will become if the value here as a one so the valuable commodity - of one similarly if I found the value for this is a dash 5-1 - this part is 1001 become a better value 1 year 1 minut from this we can see that we can see that what f dash one is not equals to everdash 1 - 1 mile is not equal to 1 + if I check for -1 at X = -1 we have what - of one year sorry the surplus of my near so this will become when you the

there will come orders 104f dash - 1 - this will be covered here for the value as - wonderful commodities -100 decoy bride f dash minus 1 minus is not equal to dash - 1 + not equal so it means that they are not differentiable at X equal to 1 and -1 so basically our conclusion will come out that affects is differentiable is differentiable basically in our accept -1 and 1 bride before the solution you are looking for this is what portion is trying to say we have to find a different beauty of this function effectively for all real values except -11 this is the answer of this question


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