Discuss the continuity of the following functions:(a) f(x)=sx+cosx (b) f(x)=sxcosx (c) f(x)=sx.cosx


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hello students in today's question is discuss the continuity of following functions if x is equal to sin x + cos b and b is equals to effect is equal to sin x minus cos x is equal to sin x Cos 120 have been three parts in terms of science for one addition and subtraction multiplication and any to prove or discuss continue to be following function of all sin and cos x are always continuous functions always continuous function then we can say that sin x + cos x is also a continuous function why because these are the polynomial function as the polynomial function is always what is function f x is equals to sin x minus of cause of X so you can write sign of x minus cos x as it is
na X root 2 and dividing by route to you are giving this route to 1 by root 2 to the both she left of this only you can write one by root 2 as cause of fire by 4 here and you can write here sin pi by 4 to that is why I am writing route to this CD is caused by for because Cos pi by 4 is 1 by root 2 sin x minus sin by 42 cause of this comes out with the identity of root 2 is cause a sin b minus sin a cos b is nothing but a sign of x minus 5 by 4 that is why we know that sine function is always contain a function that is why this is always continuous function now about third part C is given as effects is equals to sin x into cos now again you have sin x cos x as it is now
applying which two and dividing by to you can write to sinus cause it's as one by two side to The Identity of sin 2x is equal to 2 sin x Cos so we know that sine function is always contain assigned to access also contain a and b in 20 and textured also continuous function is continuous function that is y f of X in all the three parts is a continuous function and I hope it's clear thank you

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