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Discuss the continuity of the cosine, cosecant, secant and cotangent functions.



student in this question we need to discuss continuity of s s and cotangent function all Aarti first of all I am going to discuss the continuity of cos x = 2 that all trigonometric function all trigonometric function metric continue continue in Hindi domain
and Domino cos x is a domain is domain in it if you take any angle in between minus sin theta cos x will always give finite ok this function is continuous in in Domain or another way we can say that there is no angle there is no dear angle at which course is not defined ok Kaushik is define everyday anyone S I am going to it as text text text
editor one upon this can be against considered as a form of continuity of function if A and B are continue it will be continued provide not because it is everywhere ok so from the above statement we can see that all trigonometric function ok so we can find ok this function is continuous when sin x is not equal to zero then the value of sin x is not equal to zero
it was not beacause in is defensible and OK when X is not equal to in by now let's talk about the function f of X equal to function and path function is now let's find Dominos coupon codes and if we consider the add upon it and see that is a constant from them
continuous upon 21 is continuous function is not ok this function will be what we can say in other ways this function will be discontinuous when the value of cos x is equal to the point of continuity is point value of a where the value of cos x is not equal to 0 and -1 to a point where cos x is equals to zero point where is not continuous ok
I am going to discuss continuity of court function equals to court contact Upon Time Again we can understand this function as it take upon X is continuous everywhere is continuous sponsor will be continuous where is not equal to this context is everywhere the value of time is not do not equal to the road not equal to in context is anyone
everywhere how will write this in mind when Plus 1582 thank you student


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