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Differentiate the following w....

Differentiate the following w.r.t. x: `(xcosx)^x+(xsinx)^(1/x)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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differentiate the following with respect to the function f x cos x to the power x + x sin x ^ 1st week Y is equal to 3 then what we need to find device Divya Pandya ab metre per minute to simply find you understand it and add this to the watergate DuPont so let's take this function you you is equal to x cos x if we take log both side but forget love you

is equal to law now what we do it just differentiate both sides that we get one upon you do you open is equal to assume this by eight V = how can a differentiated differentiation of a into B + differentiation of the into a between differentiation of a w w love exquisite differentiation of V into a x integration of log x causes that is called what one upon x exquisite

and again it would have needed to finish it as possible because this offer will ends soon this is a function and this is essentially twins differentiation of a first it means causes engine differentiation of second hand it with minus of science that is equal to minus x sex and sex will be cancelled out this is what this becomes like one mind if you avoid this into this so what we get this is because it can cause it and minus sin is upon cos theta minus cos tan school function dikhao play COD bo4 is equal to you

Hindu law exquisite 1 - x 10 x this is a gift you open now fine again what Divya Pandit ^ one upon x so TV understand what is just a clock set is equal to one upon x x Mangalore love 9 different differentiate both sides what we get 1

upon 3 equal to lock 9X this is what and differentiation of this so that it will do x differentiation of log x sin x sin x and again differentiation of x sin is equal to what sin x + what is definition of sin2x if we TV UTV Action

is equal to V it means what power into it is what this is equal to what if you are divided into water get a Brigadier sinus and cancel out and and check out this distractions looks like dark I'm right here one upon x square train is cancelled but we left it 1 + X and

cot X what this is this is One X square + open x x mind mind replace function between 1 upon x square law text mining this is our total function DY by DX can be given jio 28

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