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Differentiate the following functions with respect to x : tan1{1+cosx1cosx},0<x<π



differentiate the following function with respect to X tan inverse rule of 1 + cos x divided by 1 - cos x x lies between 0 to Pi now you are 2nd year to differentiate tan inverse under root of 1 + cos x divided by 1 - cos x when X lies between 0 to 5 now we can apply half angle formula to it and it is cos x = 2 to cost to cost required to minus 1 or 1 minus 2 sin square x by 2 tan inverse of under root of oneplus 2 can I test 2 cos square x by 2
- 1 / 1 - 1 - 2 sin square equal to we can Vigyan please half angle formula in the place of horses so we can write a test inverse of under root top DB to cos correct way to and indeed there will be equal to Surya details will be cancelled out this will be thought of as right as 10 in WhatsApp Mod of cot X by 2 given that X lies between 0 to pi value of x lies between 0 to pi show value of x by 2 LB lies between 0 to 5 and we know that Vinod that explain to when exposed to last 25 to than all the trigonometric functions are positive
test and purpose of hot picture now we know that 10 + cot inverse X = 2 pi by 2 so we can directors write 10 words of L in the place of tender sportek way to be connected to my what in WhatsApp Court of expected this property on for text to so now we can take this like this is why let's this is equal to Y let's take it is equal to why and how we can require to differentiate it from it and actress GB or we can more simplified this Srujana died because of this will be caught in WhatsApp Court act as write the cord protector 2
into X by 2 x 2 lies between 0 to pi by 2 so it will open in the form of vehicles sunao differentiate screenwriters DY by DX is equal to 30 - 1 by 2 differentiation of the function equal to -1 Metro


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