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Differentiate the following functions with respect to x : tan1(secx+tanx),π2<x<π2



hello everyone what are the question says that differentiate the following function with respect to x if tan inverse X + 10 x is given to us that what are the function f x is equal to tan inverse X + 10 x Kaun differentiating both side with respect to it will be f test x is equal to 1 upon 1 + X + 10 x because tan inverse X differentiation is 1 upon 1 + x square know there is a function given at the place of air then we have to also differentiate test with respect to X then the upon sec X + 10 x now in solving this x is equal to
what the differentiation of sec X differentiation is sec X tan x and x differentiation is SEC Square X upon on opening the formula of a plus b whole square it will be what the form of a + b whole square it is a + b whole square is equal to a square + b square + 2 a b then what it will become a will become f dash access to sorry sorry sorry sorry it will become 1 + sec Square X + 10 Square X + 2 sec X tan x then we know that one plus 10 Square X 1 + 10 square x if we open in the form of sin x sin cos x it will be 1 + sin square X upon
cos square x 10 on taking LCM it will sin square x + cos square X upon cos square x square + cos square x is equal to 1 then it will be one upon cos square x and also be conducted at sec Square X then on the place of 1 + 10 Square X on taking first sex hormone from it will be 10 X + 1 X on writing 1 + tan Square x square x it will be to sec Square X + 2 x 10 x not taking to sec X common from the denominator it will be an x + 1 X8 will be to sex sec X + 10 x and clearly see that we can cancel or teach these terms S to form the section 10 S Plus
S from the ten Express now what the remainder is 1.2 and this is our differentiation is this is our answer thank you


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