Updated on:26/04/2023

Differentiate the following functions with respect to x : tan1{1cosxsinx},π<x<π



started this question we have the question differentiation so we can differentiated by putting the function why it is assumed this function as why so Y equal to tan inverse of 1 - cos office / sin so we have to differentiate this function with respect to X let's start with putting the formulas of 1 - cos x in science so Y equal to 10 inverse of 1 - cos x is equal to 2 sin square x by 2 equal to 2 Sin
2x bhai so we can cancel out 2 by 2 and snake fight 2 with find expired domains it 9852 cause 8523 no sign / equal to 10 show 10 inverse of tan 852 Hz no the same inverse function which function cancel out so why equal to 8.2 so now we can differentiate Padyo fix b with respect to 100
define divided by a equal to 1 by 2 in the differentiation of dysfunction Tika 1 by 2 which is the final answer thank you


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